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As per Government policy, all companies should have a licensed Company Secretary. Companies should have their statutory files maintained by qualified Company Secretary as well as to prepare and submit relevant documents on time to the Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

The services are provided to maintain and update statutory records of companies. Followed by professional secretarial advices, following services are offered:

  • Company Formation
  • Company Name Search
  • Filing of Statutory Forms
  • Provide Registered Office Address
  • Opening of Bank Account
  • Issue Share Certificates Original OR Duplicate as & when required
  • Attending General or Annual Meetings
  • Preparation of Minutes of meeting
  • Facilitation of inspection of company’s corporate records in Secretary’s office on visit of Auditors, Bankers, Tax Officers and Officials from relevant Departments when required.
  • Addition or Change of Directors
  • Change of Shareholders
  • Change in Paid-up, issued or Authorized capital
  • Change in Company Name
  • Change of Company Secretary & Registered Address
  • Change of Business Activities in Memorandum of Association

Our experience in various type of business will give an advantage to our clients. As a business consultant, we will cooperate with other professionals such as lawyers, commercial banks and others. Areas covered such as:

. Finance and Cost Management
. Human Resources Management and Executive Selection
. Information Technology Specialized Studies (Business Feasibility, Loan Application, Investigation etc)
. Loan and Rehabilitation Fund Review
. New Investment and Businesses Assessment
. Share Valuation
. Corporate Restructuring
. Strategic Planning Preparation

Our group tax professionals offer clients a unique mix of tax expertise and business awareness. As in the other areas of our practice, we believe a sound understanding of the clients’ business goals and objectives is essential for us to identify intelligently their needs and act as a catalyst in identifying innovative tax planning opportunities. We provide services such as:

. Risk Management

. Tax Planning
. Tax compliance and consulting work
. Preparation of income tax computation for personal & Companies
. Preparation of tax estimation
. Liaise with IRD pertaining tax matters

Our group not only writes up the books of accounts of its clients but also provides advice on accounting systems best suited to the clients’ business. The service encompasses bookkeeping, cash management, preparation of statutory and full sets of management accounts and group consolidation. These can be performed at either our or your premises and can be of any frequency necessary, or indeed at any stage of the accounting process either on full-time or part-time basis. The service level depends on your circumstances and needs. It is tailored to you so that the solution meets your requirements.

Auditing & Assurance are the main services provided by our group. Audit jobs will be done based on the highest audit professional ethics and according to Malaysia Approved Standards on Auditing, International Audit Guidelines, International and Malaysian Accounting Standard and Companies Act, 1965. Areas covered such as:

. Statutory and Financial Audits
. Auditors Report on Profit Forecast
. Review for Quarterly Reporting
. Due Diligence and Investigation Audit
. Internal Control and System Reviews
. Operational and Performance Audit
.  Auditors' Certification

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