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Can foreigners register company without involvement of any Local Malaysian?
YES, foreigners can register Private Limited Company without participation / involvement of any local Malaysian.
What should be paid-up capital minimum for foreign owned company?
Foreign owned companies should have registered company with minimum RM 500,000 paid-up capital if Work Permits & Visa are required.
Can any foreigner register Sole-Proprietor or Partnership Company?
No, foreigners can only register Sdn. Bhd. / Private Limited company. Foreigner having Permanent Residence of Malaysia can form a Sole Proprietor company.
How much time required for registration of company?
Only 07 working days.
After Registration of Company, what other documents are required to establish business in Malaysia?

Once company is registered, the foreigners should relocate their company and obtain premises licenses from Local Council of area. Other business licenses / Permissions are to obtain from the agencies/departments concerned to business activity.

What is the age & qualification required for Registration of Company?
The age 18 years and above, whereas there is no particular requirement of educational qualification.
What is WRT License?
Wholesale Retail Trade license is required to foreigners who have registered companies for business pertinent to Wholesale, Retails, General Trading, Restaurants and Warehousing etc and they need work permit & visa. WRT is issued by Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperative and Consumerism (MDTCC).
How much time required for obtaining WRT?
Minimum 45 days are consumable for WRT.
What about those who are not involved in business which need WRT?
They should check their business activity in light of details as provided on website of Immigration Department of Malaysia. Please click this link to see details:
How much times takes Immigration Department in issuing Work Permits & Visa?

Actually there are 02 Departments dealing in Immigration at Putrajaya.
DP-10: This department receives documents for approval of posts of Expatriates and they take 07 working days in processing the application.
DP-11: This department received application for issue of work permit & visa if the case is approved by DP-10. The DP-11 takes 03 working days in processing the documents.

What is the duration of initial Visa & Permits issued by Immigration?
The visas & permits are issued for minimum 02 Years initially and in some cases for 05 years, depend on the business activity of company. Same is renewable before expiry.
What is Permanent Residence (PR) who is eligible for this?
Permanent Residence (PR) is actually status as other locals of Malaysians and once PR is issued, no more visa & work permits are required for living, working & traveling to Malaysia. The Expatriates who registered their companies in Malaysia are also eligible for PR of Malaysia but after 03 years. For details please contact at
What about family & children visas?
The visa for spouse & children under 21 years age are issued in category of Dependent visa. The company Directors once they receive their visas, they can apply for dependents’ visa on very next day.